Addressing dietary sensitivities and  identifying immune challenges can have a dramatic impact on inflammatory conditions of the skin

Designed clinical nutrition

"Since starting NRT I have had much more energy and my hormones and moods are more in balance!" - Amy S

"I've suffered from migraines all of my life. I took a lot of medicine for my headaches. I have been coming for 3 weeks now. Taking the supplements and changing my eating habits and I haven't taken any medicine for my headaches for 3 weeks now" -  Mary Lou C.

" have been able to watch my diet more carefully, eat better and healthier, and have become aware of "bad foods". I have lost 12 pounds since I started and my indigestion concerns are much improved" -  Susan G.

"Improvements I have noticed: skin, hair, complexion, anxiety level, self-assurance, improved digestive system, increased energy, overall health, better eating habits, and better health awareness"  -  Nicole M.

"I've lost weight and I have no digestive problems. I have more energy, no colds, my immune system is better, and my blood pressure is down"  -  Mena M.

"I was experiencing joint pain in my knees due to my skiing injuries. My lungs were full from exposure to cigarettes at a young age. My experience with NRT has been a positive one. My knee pain has been minimized by balancing my system with supplements and good diet. My lung problems were kept in check during cold season. I have more vitality and long term energy. I am more focused and at ease"   - Tom A.

Proven results

Nutritional Response Testing is a non-invasive system of evaluating the body for underlying stresss and ill health. Energy flows between all parts and organs of the body and that flow can sometimes be disrupted by many stressors like food, chemical or metal exposures, immune challenges or even scar tissue. The body has the full potential to repair itself when given the right nutrients. Nutritional Response Testing analyzes the body's reflexes and provides a plan with specific whole food and dietary recommendations to correct the underlying stressors and open the door to safe and lasting recovery.

Naturally Radiant

Healthy and beautiful skin starts from within! ​Combining natural and effective skin care services with necessary dietary changes and whole food supplementation to balance and detoxify the body produced significant results for this young woman.